Together we can 

recover and rebuild

Smarter procurement.  Local jobs.

This economic crisis calls for urgent action.


Here are four ways we're working with clients to help.

We're supporting Vic Gov in sourcing medical supplies & PPE More.

Our technology has been recognised for leveraging operational procurement to engage local suppliers and drive local economic development. It also safeguards remote staff in managing procurement, reduces risk and saves money.

We want to play our part in protecting the livelihood of Australians and we'll make significant discounts and resources available to support high-impact initiatives

Blog - How procurement tech can stare down the corruption risk from COVID-19 More.

All WA Councils to get Marketplace to support local procurement & jobs. More

Moreton Bay Council in QLD calls on suppliers to register on VendorPanel. More.  

How the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley keeps spend in the local economy. More.

Protect: Efficiency and audit platform for staff working remotely

Ensure compliant procurement processes, robust enough to endure staff absence

  • Support social distancing by giving staff a high-availability SaaS procurement solution that they and suppliers can securely access from anywhere, any time 
  • Be audit-ready, with built in probity and compliance tools that ensure you have full visibility in this time of business disruption and increased spending
  • Be prepared for extended staff turnover and absences - leverage the platform to monitor usage, transfer controls, and ensure compliant processes

Public sector watchdogs  across Australia have highlighted the need to ensure integrity when staff work remotely

Engage: Local supplier discovery and access to opportunities

Give your buyers easy access to qualified local suppliers

  • Identify and access new local suppliers across hundreds of categories in the Local Supplier Marketplace
  • Audited research shows that organisations using VendorPanel Marketplace for their lower value procurement (ie below public tender) typically select a local supplier 84% of the time
  • That adds up to a lot of local opportunity & local jobs when they are most needed

Hear why buyers and suppliers like the VendorPanel advantage

Deloitte have documented the success of Parks Victoria in engaging local suppliers. Click to read more.

Recover: Proven tools for regional and local economic development

Support economic recovery by giving your buyers easy access to qualified local suppliers

  • Identify and access new local suppliers across hundreds of categories in the Local Supplier Marketplace
  • Manage lists of preferred and pre-qualified local suppliers, making it easy for buyers to engage with them
  • Monitor and report on the impact of Buy Local policies. Audited research shows that a selection of VendorPanel clients achieved 84% local spend

See how, with this video and CIPSA award-winning Case Study

Rebuild: Creating more resilient supply chains

Manage your supply base to ensure risk controls and redundancy are in place

  • Unlock the value in procurement, from supplier identification to contract, with a powerful cloud and mobile platform
  • Manage strategic and operational sourcing, across your organisation, on a single platform
  • Give buyers access to internal and external lists, local and social enterprise suppliers in one place
  • Transparency and control allow you to focus on best practice, value, efficiency, and risk

Download this CIPS & VendorPanel white paper to learn more

Read what others are doing 

Parks Victoria Case Study - 2020

Sub-tender sourcing at the State Agency has undergone a transformation since implementing VendorPanel. 

Deloitte produced this case study.

Wyndham-East Kimberley Case Study - 2020 Using the full solution, including Tenders 

and the public Marketplace, provides local suppliers with a single place to do 

business with the Shire.

Greater Dandenong Case Study - 2020

Last year the City of Greater Dandenong implemented the full VendorPanel platform. Deloitte produced this case study.

The opportunity in 'long tail' spend - 2020

 According to CIPS’ Supply Management, CPOs have a historic opportunity to manage long-tail spend in a way that is cost effective, efficient and compliant. Find out more in this new whitepaper.

BuyRegional Case Study - 2018

BuyRegional is a VendorPanel initiative that uses procurement technology to help government and corporate buyers engage with local suppliers. More in this Case Study

Ready to know more?

If we work together, I believe we can not only recover, but we can rebuild a thriving and resilient community and economy. We want to help. Please reach out and together let’s do something really positive.

James Leathem

Founder & CEO

Eco Dev Australia